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What to expect

The East Midlands Congenital Heart Network helps to look after adults with congenital heart conditions. Patients may to come to us after discharge from children's services or may have been diagnosed with a congenital heart condition in adulthood. We may only need to see patients on a single occasion, but many will care throughout their life. 

You may come into contact with the cardiac team through:

 Outpatient visits

 Contacting our Specialist Nurse team by email, text or telephone

 Admission to Hospital for a planned operation or procedure, or if emergency problems arise

 Your antenatal team, if you have a congenital heart condition and are pregnant. 


Living with a congenital heart condition:


Outpatient Care

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Inpatient Care

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Catheter Procedures

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Surgical Procedures

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Maternal Cardiology

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