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Network Structure

What is a Network?

The National Review determined that across the country services should be organised according to a three tier model, with clear roles and responsibilities for each tier. Networks will help local services to work closely with specialist centres, to ensure that patients receive the care they need in a setting with the right skills and facilities, as close to home as possible. With specialist and local cardiology centres meeting national standards, more care can be safely given locally. The three tiers are:


Specialist Cardiac Surgical Centres (level 1)

Each network will have at least one Specialist Surgical Centre. All cardiac surgery and most cardiological interventions will be undertaken at these level 1 centres, and they provide the most highly specialised diagnostics and care.

To read more about our Level 1 Centre, click HERE.


Specialist Cardiology Centres (level 2)

Not all networks will necessarily include level 2 paediatric cardiac centres, but because of the increasing number of adults living with CHD, Specialist Adult CHD (ACHD) Centres are expected be more common. The need for level 2 centres will be determined by each network taking account of local circumstances, including the opportunity to improve local access, the need for additional capacity, and the availability of appropriately skilled staff.


Local Cardiology Centres (level 3)

Local children’s cardiology centres mainly sited in (District General Hospitals) will employ a paediatrician with expertise in cardiology (PEC) to provide ongoing monitoring and care. They will run outpatient clinics alongside specialists from the Specialist Surgical Centre. This will mean that more care can be given locally, so children and their families will have less need to travel long distances for their ongoing monitoring and care.

To find out more about your Local Cardiology Centres, click HERE.



The East Midlands Congenital Heart Network comprises of the following:

 1 Specialist Cardiac Surgical Centre (Level 1)

 0 Specialist Cardiology Centres (Level 2)

 10 Local Cardiology Centres (Level 3)

To find your closest Network Hospital, click HERE.