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Risk Register

Register a Network risk or issue

The East Midlands Congenital Heart Network works collectively to ensure that those with a congenital heart disease condition receive safe, high quality care.  Through gathering information about potential risks and issues the Network is able to support resolution, mitigation and shared learning.




Why should I report network related risks on the EMCHN risk register?

We report risks to ensure that we are delivering safe patient care. By reporting a risk you may help to prevent harm to patients and reduce the likelihood of adverse events and errors not just at your individual organisation, but also across the East Midlands Network.

Who can submit a risk?

Anyone! If you feel that there is a potential concern then we fully support and encourage you to submit this for the network to review.  It is important to remember that sharing a potential risk will enable the best possible care, share learning and support change when it is needed. 

What is considered a network related risk or issue?

If your concern relates to or may adversely mpact patients or staff that receive care across the East Midlands Congenital Heart Network then we may consider this to be a network related risk.  Each submission is reviewed for it’s suitability to be held on the Network risk register. On some occasions we may recommend that this is reported within your own organisation.

What will happen if I do report something?

Once a submission has been received, the EMCHN team will review the concern following the process in the graphic above. Please be assured that we adhere to a culture of intervention, learning or improvement rather than assigning blame.

How do I know what to report?

If you have recognised a concern that has the potential or is causing harm or adverse effects to patients or staff then you should report it. All concerns are valid and will follow the appropriate review dependant on the issue.

What if my concern is very urgent?

Each submission is assessed and its level of urgency agreed, this then defines how long the process will take for review. Urgent risks should be reviewed and responded to within 48hrs, during a working week. Please note that out Network Team cover daytime office hours, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. If you feel you need more urgent support please contact your line manager for further advice.

What happens once I have submitted my risk?

On review, each risk will follow a risk management process which is outlined in the Risk and Incident Management Strategy and Risk Register SOP. Following the initial assessment, a plan will be agreed upon on which to monitor, control or mitigate the concern. This will be communicated to the relevant individuals, including the person who submits the risk.

How will this make a difference?

Highlighting and reporting concerns not only addresses the issue in hand but it also ensures that patients are kept safe, and improves the quality of care provided.

Please submit any Network-specific risks using the online form below. 



All submissions will be reviewed within 48 working hours. If you consider your submission to be urgent, have any additional questions or require any further support, please contact the Network Team HERE

*Please note that no patient identifiable information should be submitted with in this form.