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Network Governance

What makes a Network work?

The Network team is hosted by the University Hospital of Leicester, but is recognised as an independent body with a defined accountability structure. 

The Network holds a facilitator role within a collaborative model, where Commissioners remain accountable for commissioning of congenital heart disease services and providers remain accountable for the delivery of congenital heart disease services.

East Midlands Operational Network Board

The purpose of the EMCHN Board is to oversee the effective operational development and delivery of congenital heart disease service across the East Midlands region. Ensuring a collaborative approach to safety, quality and equity of care is achieved.

The aim of the Operational Board is to oversee the development of a shared vision and agreed strategy for congenital heart disease services across the East Midlands.

The Board will utilise an advisory and facilitative function to make recommendations based on the NHS England Congenital Heart Disease Standards and Specifications. Supporting and advising stakeholder organisations on how best to plan, commission and deliver congenital heart disease services whilst ensuring NHS England direction, strategy and guidance is considered.