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Maternal Cardiology

What to expect

Some heart conditions can affect the course of a pregnancy and delivery of the baby. Pregnancy itself can impact on a pre-existing heart condition. For these reasons, women with heart conditions are often referred to the Obstetric cardiology clinic at Leicester Royal Infirmary. 


 The clinic team includes a heart specialist, an obstetrician (pregnancy doctor), a specialist heart nurse, midwife and anaesthetist. This multi-

disciplinary team work together to help ensure all aspects of pregnancy care are covered. 

 During the course of your pregnancy heart tests will be undertaken as necessary. You may be prescribed medication for your heart condition when it is safe to do so. After assessment, the clinic team may be happy for you to have your baby in your local hospital. They will provide advice to the local team on any matters relative to your heart condition. If your heart condition is more complex then you may be advised to deliver your baby at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, even if you live elsewhere.

  It is sometimes safer for the health of the mother to deliver the baby by caesarean section, but in most cases a normal birth will be recommended. If a woman becomes unwell during pregnancy or the team are concerned about that possibility, they may recommend early delivery.