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Cardiac Catheter

What to expect

Cardiac catheterisation is an invasive diagnostic procedure that provides important information about the structure and function of the heart.

These procedures are usually done under general anaesthetic.

Fine plastic tubes are inserted into large arteries and veins to measure the pressure and flow.

Procedures can be carried out using this keyhole technique.  

For further information about the procedure, please visit the BCCA website HERE.


 When you meet your cardiologist they may suggest that you / your child undergo a cardiac catheterisation. They will explain the reasons for the procedure and the risks and benefits.

 At the pre admission clinic appointment you / your child will have bloods taken and swabs for MRSA and receive any necessary medication and information.

 On the day of admission you will be welcomed onto your designated ward.

 You will receive your cardiac catheter in our specialised laboratory and will return to your admission ward with a nurse once recovered.

 Depending on the complexity / outcome of the procedure you may be able to go home on the same day but all children and most adults will have to stay overnight.

Before you are discharged you will be given aftercare advice and a follow up plan.