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Outpatient Care (Pre-natal)

What to expect

 You will be invited to a fetal cardiac clinic to have a detailed scan of your baby’s heart by a specialist cardiac sonographer.

 We aim for you to be seen in a fetal cardiac clinic within three days of referral.

 Your cardiologist will talk to you about options for treatment and care.

 You will meet a children's cardiac nurse specialist who will explain what is happening and provide you with information to take away, along with their contact details.

 If your scan shows that your baby has a normal heart structure then you will be looked after by your local antenatal team.

 You may also see a fetal medical specialist, a fetal cardiac nurse specialist and a geneticist.

 A delivery plan will be made with you, your obstetrician and your fetal cardiologist within the fetal clinic. You may be invited to a separate antenatal appointment to discuss delivery plans and immediate post-delivery care.

It will be jointly decided where is the safest place to deliver your baby.