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Inpatient Care (Pre-natal)

What to expect

 In some cases the cardiac team may recommend that your baby is delivered at the Maternity Department within the Leicester Royal Infirmary. This will be when it is anticipated that your baby will require immediate specialist cardiac treatment straight after birth. Your baby may need to be stabilised on the neonatal unit and transferred to the cardiac ward or to PICU.

Your baby may not initially need specialist care after delivery but you will be monitored by the cardiac team and they will determine if and when treatment is needed.

At Delivery

 At the time of delivery you will be supported by your maternity team.

 You may have your baby locally and then be transferred to the specialist centre (Level 1 centre) at University Hospitals of Leicester.

 Your baby may be scanned by a Cardiologist soon after delivery to confirm the pre-natal diagnosis and make a plan of care. A decision will be made if immediate inpatient treatment is required.