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Exercise Tolerance Test

What is an Exercise Tolerance Test?

The test involves walking on a treadmill at a set speed and slope that will increase at regular intervals. The test will be undertaken by one of our specialist physiologists.

Heart rate and rhythm will be continuously monitored throughout the test using an electrocardiogram (ECG). Blood pressure will be recorded using an inflatable cuff that is put around your arm. You / your child will be monitored for at least 6 minutes after finishing the test. 

How long will the test take?

How long you will be on the treadmill will depend on your capabilities but may last up to 21 minutes, but is typically around 9 minutes. The whole test including preparation time and recovery will last approximately 40mins.

What should I wear?

Preferably loose fitting clothes and appropriate footwear that you are comfortable exercising in (e.g. trainers).

Can I carry out my normal activities before my test?

Please eat and drink as normal before the test, but avoid a heavy meal one hour prior to the test. There are no restrictions to activity after the test.

Will I be given the results?

The results will not be available at this stage as they will first be reviewed by one of the heart specialists. You may get the results at your next clinic appointment or in a letter. If there is anything that requires urgent attention, your cardiologist will be made aware immediately.